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A good Gun Accessory is meant to enhance the performance of your pistol or rifle, but the real star of the show is still the firearm itself. Proper gun gear will help your gun shine. Greater performance, gun security and your own personal safety are all important factors to consider. You increase performance with gun accessories like laser sights or a gun grip. Gun Security is improved with a good gun storage box or carrying bag, as well as cleaning kits and other gun care gear.

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But don't forget your safety when handling a firearm. A quality pair of shooting glasses are an important gun accessory for anyone who wants to keep safe at the range or out hunting. Live Chat Contact. Entire Store Sport Optics. Police, Fire, EMS. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should. While JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to add items to your cart or browse all product options.

Our site is powered by industry leading security standards for your protection. If possible, please enable JavaScript in your browser for the best possible experience. If you cannot enable JavaScript or you are having technical difficulties, please contact us — we are always here to help! Please Enable Your Browser's Cookies Functionality Cookies are not currently enabled in your browser, and due to this the functionality of our site will be severely restricted. Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping OpticsPlanet.

Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you supply to us is kept strictly confidential. If you cannot enable cookies in your browser, please contact us — we are always here to help! Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Please add " opticsplanet. Accessories to Outfit Your Firearm. A good gun accessory is meant to enhance the performance of your pistol or rifle. Shop proper gun gear to help your gun excel, and help you shoot like a pro.

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Popular Categories. Gun Parts. Red Dot Sights. Weapon Accessories. First, high resolution displays are now the biggest drivers for increased performance in GPUs. The caveat, of course, is that the GPU power required to drive 4K per eye at 90Hz or higher is enormous. The safer bet is a more conservative resolution bump—maybe p per eye, instead. We're also curious if HTC is making any adjustments to the form of the headset itself, or if only the display and possibly optics are getting an upgrade, here.

We'll have to wait a few more days to find out.

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It's a fan proof of concept, but it'll massage your nostalgia. It was a tough war, believe me: I lived through it. For what it's worth, I was always in the Diddy camp: not only did Diddy Kong Racing feel like a more skill-oriented kart racer, but its open world design and character roster felt more alive. It also looked better, and is probably one of Rare's greatest contributions to the console. It's equally unlikely that Nintendo has any intention to return to the series either, but for anyone wanting to revisit a small part of that game to scratch a nostalgic itch, someone has recreated what appears to be a small part of the game's hub world in Unreal Engine 4.

Created by CryZenX, watching the video above will probably suffice for most. But if you're keen to burn around the world for yourself, there's a download link in the description of the YouTube video. Mod Cheat Download This cheat is meant for legit play not raging. Run CS GO 2. Run ExternalLegit. Profit 4. IF you are unable to extract the program try disabling your antivirus. Problem is on your side.

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Make sure you have installed: NET. Framework 4. Still not work? Antivirus says it's a trojan. There is no trojan. Just false positive. What do you mean by ''Use max 24hours from release! Public cheats can be detected anytime. Usually using it no longer than 24h from release will not make you banned. If you want to be sure that you don't get VAC, buy some private cheat. Sometimes at bright places I can't see the enemy. It may confuse you.. But that's the point of this cheat. You'll refresh this cheat everyday?

Can you send me your pictures? Would u be glad to make a private cheat for me? How can I contact with you? New government regulations have hit Galaxy Battles Following recent changes to Filipino government regulations, Valve has pulled its support of the proposed Galaxy Battles Dota 2 Major. Set to run between January 15—21 in Ciudad de Victoria's Philippine Arena, Valve has rescinded its Major designation but is now working to run a similar tournament with the invited and qualifying teams.

The tournament itself may still proceed, but without any involvement of Valve or the Dota Pro Circuit. According to the information listed by the Republic of Philippines' Games and Amusement Board, professionally recognised athletes hoping to perform in the Philippines must ascertain these credentials. A number of Reddit users in turn speculate Valve's decision to pull support reflects the country's ongoing drug problems.

The stream-supported bundle was a big success. Yogscast announced today that this year's Humble Jingle Jam Bundle was a major fundraising success. Sales of the package, supported by its Jingle Jam event that saw more than hours of livestreaming watched by 2. Supporters also had the option to direct their funds to a different Humble-supporter charity of their choice. The menu is based on virtual base which is based on galaxy which is based on origin base The menu is worth 30 usd but well it's a complete skid, it should be safe because making a safe mod menu for gta is not hard i mean you can literally do a copy pasta from subversion and a lil bit of that fucking website that starts from u Features i don't know which features it has and i won't bother with this shit, it has stealth and it works because for some reason rockstar didn't do anything to prevent skids like this from using the stealth because the fucking code is more than 6 months old on public i mean.

So enjoy this cracked menu and never buy shit that looks skidded lmao. Trend Gaming Channel - For being a stupid weaboo that sells a skidded product Enough - For delivering justice and cracking this piece of shit. No data is safe. Posted via an advisory page by the Graz University of Technology, researchers have videos demonstrating a CPU vulnerability, now called Meltdown, in action. If you're just catching up, news broke earlier this week that all modern CPU architectures are vulnerable to very low-level exploits that are able to let an attacker see normally protected data inside the CPU caches.

Intel initially responded with a statement claiming that the bug wasn't really one, and that there was no cause for concern. But in a matter of hours, more evidence have surfaced showing that the vulnerabilities have massive industry wide implications. Edward Snowden tweeted out the video, advising users to apply the patch when asked and not to avoid updates.

Watch below as researchers show in real time how a Meltdown attack can reveal any sort of sensitive information: The videos demonstrate a script written with the exploits in mind, retrieving normally protected low level operating system kernel data. The Meltdown exploit has been shown to work in a variety of ways, while Spectre uses some similar ideas but fundamentally works in a different fashion. Let's hope Spectre proves to be more elusive when it comes to real-world attacks.

Leave a "Thanks" under this post. Download Attachment. Extract to Desktop. Run CS:GO. Run Cheat. How to set custom key: 1. Open this site: "Keys". Press F1 in cheat menu! Provide a number as u want to bind. The company says the timing is coincidental. A security flaw in Intel CPUs recently came to light that the company did its best to downplay, even as it put off releasing a comprehensive statement amid rising concerns about the possible performance impact of a fix.

It's impossible to quantify how bad the situation actually is at this early point, although obviously it's not ideal. What may be worse, however, is news that Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich unloaded millions of dollars of Intel shares—the maximum amount he was allowed to sell, in fact—after security researchers revealed the flaw to Intel, but before it became widely known to the public.

An Intel representative told MarketWatch that the sale was unrelated to the security vulnerabilities, and the sale was made as part of a 10b plan, which as Investopedia explains is a mechanism that helps corporate insiders avoid accusations of insider trading by setting up plans to sell predetermined numbers of shares at a predetermined time. In this case, Krzanich set up the plan just a month before the shares were sold, in the period between Intel's initial discovery of the exploit, but before its public disclosure.

That in itself is not evidence of wrongdoing, and it's worth emphasizing that he is not facing any accusations of impropriety. If it does opt to investigate, the scrutiny won't do Intel any favors. The announcement of the security vulnerability led to Intel's worst day on the market in eight months, and an SEC investigation isn't the sort of thing that's likely to inspire confidence in a quick bounce-back.

We've got a detailed rundown of the Meltdown and Spectre exploits , which despite Intel's reassurances "could be more far-reaching than any previous exploit. A inch laptop in an inch body. Now three months later, Dell has further refined the XPS 13 with an even slimmer profile The new XPS 13 sports a tapered waistline that measures just Like previous versions, it also has an 'InfinityEdge' display with 4mm borders on the sides and top.

That's 23 percent thinner than the previous generation, resulting in an Overall, the XPS 13 is just mm This means the webcam is still relegated to the unfortunate below-the-screen spot, but it's centered this time for a slightly more flattering angle. Buyers can choose between a p screen with or without touch support, or a 4K touch panel.

The latter offers the best color reproduction with percent coverage of the sRGB color space, versus 72 percent coverage on both p options. Unlike the XPS 13 refresh, the new model sheds previous generation processor options and rolls exclusively with two of Intel's 8th gen chips—the Core iU and Core iU. Dell doesn't offer discrete graphics on the XPS 13, so hardcore gaming is out of the question unless you add an external graphics box. The XPS 13 is more suited for portable productivity, though you could get away with some casual gameplay, depending on the game.

The new XPS 13 also comes in a sleek white paint job. External connectivity consists of two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.

For cooling, the XPS 13 relies on a pair of heatpipes and fans, and what Dell calls "Gore" thermal insulation. According to Dell, the XPS 13 is the first laptop to use Gore thermal insulation, which it claims offers thermal conductivity that is lower than air. This keeps the surface of the system cool by helping to direct heat out of the device versus going through the device case. This not only lowers the surface temperature of your XPS, but also improves performance, enabling you to run your new XPS at higher levels of performance," Dell says.

The thermal insulation is apparently based on the same silica aerogels that have been used in extreme engineering environments, such as the Mars Rovers and Hyper Velocity Particle in the Stardust Probe. In other words, it's fancy stuff. Dell also claims exceptional battery life—up to 19 hours and 46 minutes for the the p SKUs, and up to 11 hours and 12 minutes for the 4K SKU. I had a chance to play with the previous iteration, the released in October, and battery life was indeed really good.

The new XPS 13 is available now at Dell. Work on the remake continues, but it's proving very slow going.

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Video: The people behind TimeSplitters Rewind put out a teaser in early —albeit a very thin teaser—to remind and reassure us all that the project, a remake of Free Radical's earlys TimeSplitters FPS series, was still in the works. Now it's , and that means it's time to do it all again. This trailer is far more informative than its predecessor, showing off models of weapons, views of the map, basic animations, and other assets, although its real direct predecessor, the first developer update video , was actually released in August.

But it also highlights the fact that after more than five years of work, TimeSplitters Rewind is nowhere near complete. Such is the nature of fan remakes that rely on volunteers to get things done, something the creators alluded to in a mid-December blog post. Rewind however has not been in continuous development since , with changes in direction sometimes putting development back," they wrote. With the technical assistance in an advisory capacity of Crytek the team has made steady progress and currently has perhaps the most stable iteration of Rewind to date.

The fix can hurt performance in specific scenarios, but your frame rates will likely stay high. A report on LWN, a Linux kernel development site sub required , details of a hardware bug in modern Intel CPUs that allows an attacker to access low-level kernel memory that is normally protected from higher level programs and user access.

Those fixes could actually cause the affected CPUs to perform more slowly, but don't panic: your gaming PC is unlikely going to see a dramatic change as a result. This is complicated stuff, so I'll try to break it down. The method of attack revolves around identifying virtual memory pages in specific sequences that reveal locations in memory where protected kernel space resides.

The flaw affects multiple generations of Intel CPUs. The expected short term solution will come from OSes: operating systems can apply what's called a kernel Page Table Isolation PTI that cloaks kernel memory addresses. The caveat is that the fix will force the CPU to constantly flush its caches that hold its TLBs, or translation look-aside buffers, which are essentially caches that allow the CPU to quickly access user memory. In some instances, a performance hit of up to 30 percent or more can be seen , due to the CPU flushing caches, and having to go to slower main memory to access data.

Right now, there's no evidence that the kernel patches will impact a single-user system and it's unlikely going to pose any serious impact for gaming. According to this breakdown of the issue , it seems that the security-related hardware bug will impact large scale applications, such as cloud services. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are already working on fixes. We've reached out to Intel for more information and will report back if we receive further details.

The Sim Settlements mod expansion means your companions can build and govern your Commonwealth outposts for you. Video: The draw of Sim Settlements , the Fallout 4 mod we awarded Best Mod of , was that it gave NPCs some agency in creating their own homes and shops on your settlements.

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All you'd have to do is zone an area for the type of building you wanted, and let your settlers handle the construction and furniture placement, which gave rise to cool randomized homes and shops that would improve and change while you were off doing other things. Rise of the Commonwealth , the expansion to Sim Settlements, takes the idea a step further by letting NPCs not just build their own stuff but actually plan the settlement completely without your input.