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The Nixplay Seed delivers great-looking pictures, offers easy setup, and lets you manage your images efficiently. If you give the Seed as a gift, keep in mind that it can show images sent to a special email account. You can organize your image uploads and create playlists for your frame from your Web browser.

Step-by-step instructions on the Nixplay website make connecting the frame to your Wi-Fi network quick and foolproof. In light of recent Web attacks that used home-networked devices as unwitting proxies, we asked Nixplay about its security protocols. Linking these accounts is easy: Just click a button to log in and then grant access, and your photos will automatically populate the Nixplay Web page.

Images synced via cloud services like Facebook, Google Photos, or Flickr do not count toward this limit. Nixplay lets you organize your photos into albums, which you can then combine into playlists and send to your frame. Send multiple playlists to a frame, and you can choose to display images from a specific playlist or the entire batch of photos.

Another option is to simply play the most recently added photos. And if you own multiple Nixplay frames, you can send separate playlists to each device. You can also display images sent from family and friends. Upon creating your Nixplay account during setup, you receive an mynixplay.

Add contacts to your Friends tab, and any image files they email to that address will show up on the Nixplay site as will folders shared over cloud services like Dropbox , where you can add the photos to a playlist. Once images are uploaded to your frame, you can customize the image duration and transition effect for your slideshow. For images not in a aspect ratio, you can choose to display them in their entirety along with black borders on two sides or have them cropped to fill the entire frame.

In addition, you can set a daily sleep and wake schedule for the display, a useful feature if you have the frame in your bedroom and light from the screen would keep you awake. Nixplay frames do not support automatic slideshows from social media accounts and previously did not support any shared folders.

Recently, Nixplay added syncing with shared Google Photos and Dropbox folders. If you want to manually add photos from Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr, you need to log in through nixplay. Nixplay says that it is working on adding syncing for social media photos in the future. Several Wirecutter staffers and some of their family members have Nixplay Seeds and have been using them without any major problems.

Digital Photo Frames

She also mentioned that she feels that there are too many repeat images when the frame is set to shuffle. The aspect ratio of the Amazon Fire tablet means that none of your photos will fill the frame without significant cropping, instead showing thick black borders on two sides. You lose features from our top pick such as a motion sensor for turning off the display, one-step transfer of images from your phone, and easy sharing of photos between family and friends. And if you want to use a digital photo frame only occasionally, like for family gatherings around the holidays, the Amazon Fire can be an inexpensive way to pull that off, while having a tablet for portable reading and Web browsing during the rest of the year.

We were all set to recommend the Ever Frames V08 as a bare-bones, budget pick, but it's been plagued with stock-availability issues. It works only in landscape orientation, and it has a menu system and remote that recall s computing, but the Ever Frames V08 offers decent picture quality at about a third of the price of our top pick. Yes, the controls are limited, but that is its main selling point. Dimensions: 8. There's not much to the Aluratek 8 inch Digital Photo Frame except extreme simplicity.

The unit has no touch screen, no built-in memory and no remote control. The x TFT LCD screen resolution offers some basic adjustments for positioning images on screen, how long each image lingers and the screen brightness. The navigational controls are on the back of the unit and each command registers with a toy-like click, but you must put your hands on the frame to change controls.

Strangely, you can't change any of the controls unless all SD cards and USB drives are removed from the unit. The unit features a generic plastic frame that comes with a screw-in plastic stand, but there is no hole for wall hanging. Normal- size USB drives stick out of the frame's side. You can choose from 11 transition styles and display photos from three seconds to an hour. This ratio, 8-inch photo frame has a lot going for it, including a relatively high-resolution screen of x and a wide degree viewing angle.

Its motion sensor saves energy when there's no one in the room. The unit supports both SD camera cards and USB sticks up to 32GB and runs on a generic operating system via a remote control with manual controls on the back. It's a very basic frame and does the trick for most purposes and even plays HD video in p and p quite nicely.

However, the image quality regarding color, saturation and contrast is just so-so compared with other 8-inch frames. Look for high resolution at least x , vivid colors and sharp details. You should be able to adjust dedicated photo frames for brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.

Our Top Picks

Frame software lets you rotate images or play them in a certain order or in a collage format with up to a dozen transition effects to wow viewers. Watch out for frames that are too bright, have muted colors, low contrast and soft images. Aspect ratio: Photo frames generally come in two major aspect ratios: or widescreen. Most frames let you adjust photos to fill the frame if your photo's aspect ratio differs from the frame, though sometimes that method distorts or cuts off parts of images. The standard aspect ratio is a good fit for most images and videos shot with digital cameras. Widescreen-aspect ratios are especially advantageous for viewing panoramas and landscapes.

Ease of use: Non-connected frames are the easiest to use because you don't have to punch in long, complex passwords or hassle with finicky networks. These frames instead offer slots for camera cards or USB thumb drives to load up to 32GB of images, videos and music directly on your frame. Connected frames offer considerably more flexibility in sourcing and swapping out images from social media photo sites.

Frames that offer touch screens do not come with remote controls. While a touch screen may be easier to navigate than a cranky remote control, you still have to wipe fingerprints from the screen.

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If you must use a camera card or a USB stick, be sure that the frame's body adequately keeps them out of sight. Motion sensor and timer : A motion sensor is practically a must. Digital photo frames do not need to waste energy by playing all day long if no one is in the room to view them. Most frames with a motion detector also have a timer that lets you automatically set on and off times for the frame. Social media: Connected photo frames open up a range of photo sources.

Some frames link directly with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Google Photos to play specific images and albums from the web or download them to the frame. With online access comes security concerns.

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Make sure your wireless frame sends information via an encrypted pipeline and transmits and receives images over a protected network — like your home network. Mobile app and email integration: You can manage many connected frames via a web app for single or multiple frames or send and receive images and videos via email or a proprietary mobile app. Extras: Many frames offer calendar, clock, reminders, games, calculators, weather app widgets and speaker ports. Tom's Guide. Jump To:. The best digital photo frame overall The smartest digital frame Best digital photo frame value Best for widescreen viewing A good compact choice Best midsize connected frame Best midsize widescreen connected frame Great for non-technical users A pretty good budget pick A decent pick for video playback.

Why You Need a Digital Photo Frame

Nix Advance 8-inch Digital Photo Frame A great bargain, this 8-inch display offers a bright and colorful screen and accepts both USB sticks and memory cards. Reasons to Buy Handy email features. Reasons to Avoid Complex setup for multi-frame accounts. Display size - Size is likely a personal preference, with models measuring as small as seven inches and as large as 21 inches. This decision is largely based on your interior design and how much room you have for the frame. Resolution - Compared to screen size, resolution is less negotiable.

Digital Photo Frames

Some of the best frames out there offer x IPS displays that will be visibly sharper to the naked eye than lower-resolution models. Overall, our testers loved this product and would recommend it to others — including to those who are less tech-savvy — but a game-changing feature was being able to email one-off pictures directly to the frame. Plug it in, connect your media, and you're ready to go. Its square form factor and symmetrical button layout lead to confusion. Share Pin Email. Buy on Amazon. Nixplay Seed Review. Buy on Newegg. Nixplay Original W15A Review. How We Tested We bought four top-rated digital photo frames and our reviewers spent more than 80 hours testing them.

What to Look for in a Digital Photo Frame Display size - Size is likely a personal preference, with models measuring as small as seven inches and as large as 21 inches. What We Like Many ways to upload photos Comes with remote Additional features like weather and radio.

What We Don't Like Frustrating square remote Screen size demands high-res photos Poor playback of high-resolution video.

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